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Knitted Lace Patterns from Germany

Attention Lace Knitters! Have You Ever Read Burda….or Anna Burda?


Take note, lace lovers…Anna Burda was one of the few magazines to feature bobbin lace patterns!

These pattern magazines originate in Germany but are now translated to many languages and sold in about 90 countries around the world. And, today we have BurdaStyle USA, which bears no resemblance to the earlier German editions and seems to focus mostly on sewing fashion patterns. The vintage German editions (reportedly also in English during the 1980s) are now hard to find. These early editions featured wonderful knitted lace , as shown below.

One of the often-featured designers in Burda was Herbert Niebling. This master of knitted lace designed patterns that were not simply “Geometric”, as were most knitted laces. His unique style offered bursts of increases and decreases, resulting in fluid shaping to form leaves and flowers!  Aside from the Burda magazines, the delightful Niebling knitted lace patterns became very hard to locate (many being out of print) after his death in 1966. For several years, it was learned that Niebling lace freaks fought to purchase vintage Burdas via the grueling Ebay auction process.glenda doily

And now, a shining light has appeared…a real time “enabler” for Niebling addicts…

Glenda Hunt, who calls herself Doilyhead, has come to the rescue of the English-speaking world.  She translates, charts and prints Niebling’s out-of-print patterns, in charted form AND printed for all of us to enjoy!  Glenda’s easy-to-follow blog  claims to be “raising Herbert Niebling”.  You’ll be amazed at the wide array of Glenda’s offerings. Take a sneak peek at photos of some incredible Niebling patterns, all presented by Glenda Hunt, on her Flickr page.

Don’t you just wonder what propels a man to design knitted lace patterns for doilies and tablecloths?  Thanks to Glenda Hunt, a biography of the late Herbert Niebling appears below, translated from the German Burda Magazine.


Herbert Niebling 1905 – 1966


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